On July 30th 2022 at the National Library, Georgetown, Guyana in the presence of a group of children, representatives of the National Library and members of the Club the reader friendly handbook was launched -
Titled “Climate Change and Nature Education for the Next Generation of Environmentalists”
The Rotary Club of Garden City is a ‘Cause Based’ club with a focus on Supporting the Environment - the 7th area of focus of Rotary International. This Handbook is a significant achievement in the club’s quest to encourage early environmental education for children. More than promoting nature this handbook allows children to explore environmental issues, engage in weather matching activities and take action to improve the environment.
It will inspire them to investigate how and why things happen, and will enable them to form their own opinions on complex issues rather than being told. The club is hoping that this handbook will promote critical and creative thinking and lead children to become more involved with their communities and provide the building blocks they need to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives.                                  
This handbook was compiled with extracts from several sources including information from Guyana Government Climate Change network and special reports.
The copies handed over to the National Library will be placed in the reference section of all National Library outlets, Bookmobiles and uploaded to the Electronic Library.